Friday, July 15


Hey Everyone, It's Selina!
This is a post for you all to let you all know what to expect here on CEB.
  • First off, my personal beauty tips are mostly going to be on eyes, lips, and nails. Everything else on beauty will be from my friends', Mom's, and my resource websites. (you can see the sites on my resource page above) Also, every now and then I will post some fashion tips. Feel free to ask about what to wear to whatever. I will help you select a great outfit to wear out of your own clothes if you wish. Just leave me a comment, or send me an email. I'll be happy to help.
  • Second, yes, I will have my photography posted on here. some will be of the products I use, and some will be just my random photos I have taken.
  • Third and last, random posts. I will post random post on here. Most likely they will be cooking recipes or just how I'm feeling or how my day went.
So that pretty much is what you can expect to see here on CEB.
Thanks for following!


  1. I can't wait!!!! :D

  2. Oh, I thought of a question for you! Where do you buy your makeup and stuff like that?

  3. If you check out my resource page those are my main places to buy some of my makeup. But I'll be posting a video shortly, (most likely today), of what my everyday and fave makeup is that I've tried out so far. So check out those websites, and check out the video when I post. :) Thanks! Great question.


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