Wednesday, August 3

Fashion Tips~Selina&Ivy

Here are some fashion tips!

Layering clothes is simple, just have fun mixing and matching. Also, if you really want to know it looks good then have your friends or mom or if you know anyone with a good sense of fashion just ask them!

since this has hints of pink in it, then you can put a pink camie (camisole) under which cause the pink in the shirt pop out more. You can do this with most clothing.

putting a dark blue tank under this shirt makes it less see through.

make sure to check that price tag! ;)

random faces.

make sure your glasses aren't too big, or too small for your face.

even though these are big, they shape Ivy's face well.

too big on our faces.

this is something I would not want to wear... Unless for a costume.

cat ears are for a costume as well.

make sure you wear clothing/accessories that actually fit your age. This is not one of those.

when wearing a dress make sure you're comfortable with the length and lowness in the chest.

not only can this be a casual dress, but it could also be a business dress. How? just add a blazer over the dress and a bigger belt.

this dress can be a casual dress, party dress, and a business dress. right now it's causal. if you were to add some jewelry and some heels it would be a party dress. then a business would be a small blazer.

this is a casual dress

with see through backs, try to wear clear back straps on your bra, or have a low back bra.

this can be worn with leggings, jeggingns, skinny jeans, and straight legged jeans. Basically any type of tight fitting bottoms that are longer than caprices.

Ivy is wearing a york shirt! :d yum!

this would be completed with a sweater and belt.

same as the one above.

I adore watch necklaces.

Very sophisticated outfit.

Sometimes, the things you thing that might look good actually are the best things ever! This is a cat print dress, and I did not think it would look good at all! But, I'm going back tomorrow to buy it!

very good business outfit, lunch outfit, and very sophisticated.

absolutely adored this dress. unfortunately it was out of my price range. But, this is a good thing. I've found something that I love, so now I can keep an eye out for something that looks exactly the same but costs a whole lot less. So always compare your clothing prices and make sure you can't find something similar somewhere else. ;)

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Also, if you need help with an outfit you can always email me at

~Selina & Ivy~


  1. Those clothes are so pretty and these tips are very helpful! I love this post! :)

  2. Thank you! Most of these are from Forever 21. I'm glad I could be of help!
    :) <3

  3. ahhhh i love the clothes! thanks for posting!


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