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Ok so this is not my post, it is a post over at Umbrella Girl. So read, then read my comment that I left for her. 

what's up with with that? a.k.a. the modestly post [by Kendra]

Yes, I know Qui already posted about this topic, but I decided to go a little deeper into the subject.

What's up with girls wearing skinny tight jeans and thinking nothing of it? You're not showing of any skin, but you can still see your entire leg form. 

What's up with girls wearing shorts so short and tight that they might as well be called underpants? 

What's up with women wearing low or strapless dresses for their weddings? 

What's up with girls basically wearing their underwear to swim in? Just because you're swimming doesn't mean you can walk around in a bikini. Do you know how many times you probably make a guy lust if you're wearing things like that? Would you walk around the beach in your regular underwear? 

Why is it that the 'popular' things are all short or tight? Why is it that when you type in "fashion" in google images, almost everything is inappropriate? 

We girls personally probably don't think about if things are immodest, since we don't have a problem with it. But what about our brothers in Christ? Do you have a problem with making them sin? Most girls don't even know they're making men think lustful thoughts if they wear something immodest. 
It's hard to stand out. It's hard to wear a long, flowing skirt to the store. You get looks from people. Girls wearing the 'cool stuff' (mini skirts, tank tops) stare at you. But it's worth it. Girls, let's not try and attract attention from the wrong people. If you're wearing low cuts or clothing that reveals too much because you want attention, who are you getting attention from? Godly young men aren't going to want to look at you, they will be ashamed. Only men that aren't Godly are going to want to enjoy that kind of clothing. Do you want to attract attention from a man who isn't Godly, or from one who is Godly? 

Here is what Godly young men say about bikinis [source]:

"If you don't understand this, you need to start at square one. The more skin that is revealed, the more of a stumbling block. You can't reveal more skin than with a bikini. If you understood the purpose of publications like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or the objectification of swimsuit and lingerie models, you wouldn't want to wear a bikini -- unless you actually want men to sin as they look at you."

"Of course they are modest! After all, bikinis are nothing more than colorful underwear (less, actually, but that is besides the point) and we all know that underwear is perfectly acceptable and modest to wear in public. What guy could possibly be stumbled by seeing a girl only wearing underwear? Only some home-schooled, stuck-up, legalistic prude could object to that."

Everyone might wear bikinis at a waterpark or swimming pool, but that does not make them right at all. Even a swimsuit like the one on the left would be more modest than the popular swimsuits these days.

Let's see what guys say about pants: "Do you agree that skirts are more modest than pants?"

"This is a hard one. Skirts can be immodest, but assuming a modest one, the only difference between a modest skirt and modest pants is one is more distinctly feminine than the other, so I don't quite want to disagree."

"I cautiously agree. Obviously a short skirt (above the knee) would be more immodest than loose pants. However, I believe that pants are often more form fitting than skirts (especially when you bend down) This question is similar to another one. I have put a more complete treatment of the topic there. Here I just want to say that I believe that modesty is foremost but God also cares about what messages our clothes carry with them. Does a skirt carry a feminine message better than pants? I respect a girl more who wears a dress normally because I see that as a message that says "I am glad that God made me a woman and I am rebelling against ungodly tendencies in our culture to try to act like a man." I hope this helps, I do not see this as a black and white "thou shalt" but rather something that a girl needs to seek God's will on."

"I think that either is fine as long as it is not too tight (for pants) or too short (for skirts)."

It seems that skirts are more modest than pants, but pants aren't always immodest. I won't go into this topic, but I'll come to the conclusion that you can't just wear skirts or pants because all your friends do, or a certain article you read, but if God speaks to you. Everyone has different views on this topic.

tips for dressing more modestly

  1. Check your shirt, when you bend down, does anything show?
  2. Are your pants//skirt too tight? Are they too big on the waist so that they fall down? 
  3. When you bend over, does anything show? 
  4. If you're wearing shorts, make sure they don't go up more than two or three inches past the knee; and that they are not tight. 
  5. Smile, even if you're at the pool wearing board shorts and a t-shirt, and everyone else is wearing a bikini. Smiles are more attractive than revealing clothes anyways. 

That's all for now, but make sure you check yourself. Why are you wearing this outfit? Are you drawing more attention to your body than your face? 

What are your beliefs on modesty? Do you agree//disagree with anything I said? Leave a comment, but be nice. ;) 

 Also, none of these pictures are mine, they are off pinterest (I would not recommend everything on that site, I just visited it for the first time today, since many people said it was a good site.) Finally, thank you dear Lucia for letting me post on your blog! You're such a Godly young lady, it's an honor for me to be able to post on your adorable blog.

ps:: friends of Lucia, go on over and wish my little sister a happy birthday, will you?

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Ok So here was my comment that I left. 

Awesome post! Great way to spread modesty, but I do have to say I do disagree with some of the things you have posted. As a Christian, I understand where you are coming from, but some of those cloths you can make cute with some different accessories and make them modest. I'm not going fully against your post, just saying I don't fully agree. It was a great post, and has given me some great ideas for my blog. Thanks!

So! You're all probally wondering what my ideas are, so I shall tell you. I'm going to do a fashion post of modest clothing, but with some twists on this post. 
Well I have more to say, but I'm needing to get my school done, so I will post more later! ;)



  1. Thank you for re-posting, can't wait to see what your ideas are! Sorry if I sounded rude when I posted that. And yes, there are ways you can make skinny jeans or short shorts modest, like by wearing a skirt with them or sewing them into something else. =)

  2. Thanks for letting me! You weren't rude, I just didn't agree with everything. :) I will do a post hopefully soon with many ways to make all well most of these clothings modest. :)


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