Thursday, November 3

Fall Haircuts

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Fall Haircut Inspiration

Published 12 hours ago
A new season is a great time to embrace change, whether it's in your wardrobe, your makeup, or your hair. A new cut can also signal a new time in your life, so if you're thinking of getting a chop, check out these images for inspiration.

Alexa Chung's choppy layers and messy colors are a great look to try for fall. The style works well on almost anyone and is easy to maintain.

Why not try some blunt bangs like Olivia Wilde's? They make a huge statement yet are easy to grow out, and you can always pull them back when you want to change up your look.

  • A pixie cut with longer layers at the front is a bold move that will be sure to grab some attention, just like Elle magazine's style director Kate Lanphear. If you want a dramatic change, then this is for you.

The long bob is a great transitional haircut. You can still pull your hair up, but it looks short enough to pass as a bob. It also allows you to play around with different styles. Wear it wavy for a boho look, or blow-dry it straight for a glamorous twist. We love how Camilla Belle keeps it natural.

I'm thinking about getting my hair cut just like the first picture shows. If I do get that haircut, it probably won't be till November.

Hope you all liked this post. :)

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