Tuesday, September 20

Is This Real Life?

Thought you might enjoy a funny photo. :)
This is from Dezzy's blog 

age? almost 16
bed size? Queen
chore you hate? cleaning
dogs? Two
essential start to your day? Breakfast I guess...
favorite color? Blue, Green, Purple, Jade, and Black
height? 5 something....
instruments you play? Used to play the piano and guitar. Failed that.
kids? Not until I'm married for at least a yr.
live? In warm weather.
mother's name? Dani
nicknames? Orangy, chipmunk, and a few other things.
overnight hospital stays? none.
pet peeves? um...uh....people being annoying or stupid.
quote from a movie? "but you have heard of me?" Captain Jack Sparrow (Aka Johnny Depp) from Pirates of the Caribbean.
right or left handed? right
siblings? Two older brothers, and three sisters and two brothers that I've adopted. (David, Bob, Ava, Amber,Sierra, Ty, and Andrew)
underwear? Um...what do you think?
vegetable you hate? Mostly all....
what makes you run late?Being tired or not paying attention to time...
xrays that you've had: Teeth and something else, but I don't remember what for.
yummy food that you make? Peanut Butter Pie
zoo animal? Penguins, lemurs, meerkats,and birds

Hope you enjoyed my information.
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