Wednesday, September 28

On of my TV obsessions

Ok This is one of my fave shows all time has been ever since it came out.
It is.......+++++++====================***********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok so some of you may be like this is a movie, yes it is but that totally sucked! The shows are way better, but as you grow older you start to know they are cheesy too.
Anyways, I'm a major Zutara fan. This happens to be that I wish Zuko (Prince of the Fire nation next in line to be Firelord) is Katara's (Princess of the Southern Water Tribe) boyfriend. But that never happens in the show.... Any who...
If you're a fan, I wanted to give a shout out about the new series (if you haven't heard already) which is called Legend of Korra! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! :) :) :)
There are trailers out as well.
Also, I have claim on the character Mako  (in the pic below)
from this series. (just like I have claim on Zuko*Pic below* from avatar the last airbender. :P)

That's all for now.

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