Saturday, September 17

A Photo I'm proud of.

I'm so proud of this photo! This is when I started to learn about aperture and iso settings. This was my very first photo when I used aperture, and it'll remain one of my favorites forever. :D
BTW(by the way), this is for the allie photography contest "A photo you're proud of". (FYI her blog button is on my sidebar)
Unfortunately I have many of these, but we can only submit one, And since this is my most prized and the first one to come to mind its the one I'm entering. I'm rambling I know...
So here is the photo.

and....these photos I'll just post up for fun. :D

This took a lot of balance to get this photo. Take a close look and you'll understand why. We were not holding onto anything... Also, I'm holding a camera, and I'm in the blue shoes.

I will post more, but I have to finish up some papers now.


  1. awesome! I love how the foot one looks like people just standing in a line, and then you look closer.. :D
    But cool pics and blog!

  2. Thank you too you both. Yes, that foot one took us a couple of tries. We kept falling over, and people were walking around us. Lol!

  3. Wow that's amazing, thanks for linking up! (:

  4. Thanks!I love your contests!

  5. Love those photo! Especially the shoes! :)


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