Thursday, September 1

Want to thank...

  • Ever had one of those friends you just treasure forever?
  • Ever had a friend that will hold you when you cry?  
  • Ever called a friend you sister/brother tell peeps they're your adopted sibling just cause you see them all the time?  
  •  Ever had a friend that you can just scream and vent too when you're frustrated?
  • Ever had that random friend(s) that you just love for that reason?  
  • Ever had that friend(s) that just makes you laugh non-stop? 
  • Ever had that friend that you used to constantly fight with?   
  • Ever had that friend(s) that you know you'll always be friends no matter what?   
Well I've had all of those type of friends. As a matter of fact, I still do and always will.
I would now love to thank my friends for always putting up with me in my worst and best moods. Always being all the above.
Those friends are Amber, Ava, and Sierra. I love you sisters forever and always!


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