Monday, October 24

I feel...

Hey Peeps!
So, I was going to post another vlog this past weekend, but that didn't turn out so great... "Why?" You ask. Well Friday night I got a slightly itchy throat, then Sat morning it was worse, but I went to kickboxing class anyway. After class my Mom told me that I was getting my flu shot...(OH JOY!)... So I got the shot, then I read the side affects? effects? and here's what they said, swelling in the place of the shot, a fever, and sore body, if any of these symptoms are go over past two days, then go talk to your doctor. (OH JOY!)
So since I was already sick with a sore throat before getting the shot, the shot just happened to have made it worse. You guys are lucky you didn't have to see me or hear me.
Well I'm getting tired... bye peeps. I'll make a vlog when I'm better.
~Selina~ O.o


  1. Get well soon Selina!! :-) Sorry you're feeling so crummy. Rest up and get better!

  2. Hi Selina!

    Thanks so much for adding my giveaway button to your blog. :] I can't wait to get this started! However..I just realized I linked the button wrong. :P Would you mind changing the code to the updated one I have on my post??

    Thanks sooo much!


  3. Thanks Sis!
    Lucia, I saw that post, and I changed it. :)


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