Sunday, October 9

My Memories Fall Giveaway Time!

Hey Peeps!
Just like the title says, it's time for the giveaway.

What is My Memories? It is a website that has software to create digital scrapbooks, cards, movies, calendars, and so much more! I've had the opportunity to test out the software, and host this giveaway. Here is a scrapbook page that I created using this program.
I'm really enjoying this program! Is user friendly and has helpful hints here and there. You can even get awesome designs from the website, or create your own. This is a great program, and if you've been wanting a designing type program, I highly recommend my memories.

Now, the fun part!
My Memories has given me another software for the winner. At the end of the giveaway, I'll give the winner the promo code, which will allow you to download the program for free. My memories also gave me a $10 code discount for when you checkout on their site.

Here is the code: STMMMS52842
You can also click the my memories button on my sidebar, It's the very first button to the right. ---->

My memories link: 

How to enter:
You have to follow my blog (1 entry)
You must visit my memories and select your favorite packet and comment the link of the one you liked. (1 entry)

Extra Entries
  Blog about it, and leave a link to your post(2 entries)
visit this site and pick your favorite animal (2 entries)
If you don't have a blog then email you friends about this giveaway include me in your bcc. (2 entries)
and for 3 entries...hmm....comment one of your most embarrassing moments. (3 entries) 
Last but not least write all answers in one comment box (1 entry)

I will announce the winner on October 30th. Also stay tune for more giveaways, beauty/fashion tips, and photography.
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  1. -I Follow
    -I Liked Never Stop Smiling
    -I Blogged about It:
    -I Liked Maggie, a Cat.
    -When I Sang In the Shower, My Mom told me, Great Singing, When I got Out!
    -All In one comment!

    Good Luck to Everyone!

  2. ♥I Follow You
    ♥My favorite is 'Follow Your Dreams'
    ♥Blogged it ~
    ♥I liked Mama Mia a Chihuahua/Pomeranian
    ♥When I was goofing around outside and pretending to be "and he was like and she was like and omg" and some random guy started clapping and told me "good job"
    ♥I got it all into one comment!!!


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