Monday, October 3

Peep(s) of the Month!

YUP! You finally heard the end of my Guess What!!!
It's Peep of the Month Time! But, I'm actually doing two months in one post. :) One is September's, and the other is October's. 
So...the Peep of September is...

She is new to the blogging world, but has great writing style! Her blog is Anarchy on Paper She was my newest follower in the middle of September. In the short time I've known her she is smart, funny, caring, and a great writer!
Thanks for Following Gretchen!

The peep of October is....

My sister Ava, also known as the owner of C's Beads. She finally followed my blog! I'm so happy! :D But she has been a great help for me this month with my giveaway prizes. This month is also her birthday month so just another thing to make is special! :)  I love you, and thanks for following sis! 



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