Friday, November 11

Help needed!

Hey Peeps!
So, next Friday I have to go to an awards dinner, and I need your help with accessorizing my dress.
I'm going into Forever21 this week to find the accessories. The following pictures are my dress with leggings, and I don't know which boots to choose. So If everyone could help me that would be great. Also, I'm looking for a belt for this dress, any suggestions? Color and size?

What about jewlery? Thanks for your help peeps! Luv ya! <3 <3 <3
P.S. Just realized I hit my 100th post! Whoop! Whoop!  Also, today is 11/11/11. Cool, kinda wish my post was 111 now... hahaha Lolz!
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  1. The short boots :) and as for a belt, maybe a wide black one. Jewelry? hmmm. perhaps a turquoise, black, or complementary cream accessaries. :) hope this helps!

  2. The short boots,
    And only because I like color a big red belt, but black would be safe! :)
    For the black and white do a bold necklace, either a color or a chain... (something in that style)

  3. hi selina! i'd definitely go with the short ankle boots with this ensemble. it'll give you the illusion of longer legs since your dress sits right at the knees. try both a wide belt and a skinny belt, see which you'd like best. if it's a cold night, i'd suggest wearing a colorful blazer and a skinny belt around the outfit. as for accessories, go with a statement piece - like a chain necklace or a bib necklace. make it stand out!

    good luck & happy early sweet 16 to you!

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    cindy - design3rd


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