Tuesday, November 15

Sweet 16

Wow! Sweet 16 is only 4 more days away for me. :) 
My sister's, Amber, is tomorrow. 
So we both decided to combine our 16th party together have celebrate with our amazing friends. We're gonna have so much fun around a campfire, going on a scavenger hunt, and spraying silly string at each other. We'll have tons of food, and drinks (most importantly Dr. Pepper. :D). We don't know what our cake looks like...Instead of gifts, we'll be donating shoes to Soles for Souls. Our theme colors are Black and White.
I shall post photos of the party. :D
Blog to ya soon!



  1. i love the new header. happy early birthday!!

  2. Thank you! Stephie did an awesome job on it. Thanks soooo much Jessica! :D


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