Saturday, December 31

Fun facts about me

Facts about me before 2011 is over.
1. Selina is not my real name, but my online name.
2. I love animals.
3. I love photography.
4. I love to dance.
5. I love my short hair.
6. I do miss being able to style my hair.
7. I'm 16.
8. New Years Eve is my favorite holiday.
9. I love my followers.
10. I love being able to blog for my followers.
11. I was in a play once when I was 7.
12. I used to loath reading.
13. Mystery books are what got me hooked on reading.
14. I watch way to many tv shows.
15. I have seen R rated movies, but with an adult.
16. I love music.
17. I love God.
18. I love heat more than cold weather.
19. I don't care for jig saw puzzles.
20. I don't speak until I hear both sides of the story.
21. I haven't had a crush in 5ish years.
22. I have 3 adopted sisters.
23. I have 3 brothers.
24. I'm adopted.
25. Merlin is my baby. :)
26. I like to give tips on everyday things.
27. I'm a geek, but not super smart.
28. I'm not popular or but I'm not a hermit.
29. I like balance.
30. I hate bulling.
31. I really only have 3 close friends.
32. I can't believe it's going to be 2012 in 30mins.
33. I've been blogging for 3yrs.
34. I've had 4 different blogs before this one.
35. I got to shadow two photographers this year.
36. I'm learning how to shoot portraits.
37. I love mysteries.
38. I'm clueless as to what I want to be.
39. I want to photoshoot an engagement and wedding.
40. I do 4-h.
41. I don't like school.
42. I'm homeschooled.
43. I kickboxing.
44. I wish I could do par-core.
45. I can bake.
46. I wish I had my permit.
47. My biggest dream is to travel.
48. I can't wait for the summer.
49. I work at the science museum during the summer.
50. I'm a Dr. Who fan.
51. I want to learn sign language.
52. I'm listening to 80s music right now.
53. I'm adopted.
54. I'm from Bombay (now called Mumbi) India.
55. I love to play nancy drew games.
56. I posting from my iTouch.
57. I'm getting ready to create a FB page for my blog.
58. Merlin takes up half of my bed every night when we go to sleep. (just so you know Merlin is my dog, and not a guy...that would be weird.)
60. I wear contacts.
61. I love chocolate.
62. I love queso.
63. Blue, green, jade, black, and purple are my favorite colors.
64. I love scarves.
65. I can play v-ball.
66. I don't do ballet anymore.
67. I have a bicep tendinitis.
68. I can't wait to start my makeup business.
69. I'm considering starting a small photography photo shoot business that pays.
70. I would like to teach ballet at my old dance Schiller this year.

I'll leave the list here for now.

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