Wednesday, December 28

Mall trip soon, and more info :)

Hey Peeps! How was everyone's Christmas? What did you get?
Anyways, I'll be doing another mall trip soon, so I'll have some fashion tips to give you then. I should have a post in about it within the next 3wks. I also wanted to let everyone know that the 2nd semester of school is coming, and this is always the harder part and most busiest time of the year for me. So please do not expect a ton of posts this spring. Summer I will be posting as much as possible. I'll be taking a lot of pictures of everything I do. To all of you that are Seniors this year, good luck on your finals and collage applications. I'll be cheering all of you as you walk across your school stage to receive your high school diploma.
Well I gotta run peeps.
Thanks for being such awesome followers!

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