Saturday, December 31

New Year's Eve Outfit

Keep it sparkly! :) So I like to wear sparkly things for new years just because it reminds of the fireworks that will light up the sky later that night. If you don't know this already, New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday. To me it means a new beginning. The start of a new chapter in life. Another year of gaining wisdom. And so much more! So here is my vlog on my outfit for tonight's festivities.

What do you do for New Year's Eve? I mostly pig out on food and goodies. :) Sometimes I have parties or friends over. Most of the time my family goes to dinner really late and then come back home and watch the fireworks.
Don't leave yet, my next post will be my makeup (and maybe hair...*that is if I can get it to work with me...*...) for tonight. :) 

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  1. Sorry If you couldn't hear that. My volume is acting weird. Here's what I said (err along these lines). I'm wearing dangling earrings (from my Granny), a camisole(can be found any clothing store), tank top with sequins around the collar and straps (found at forever21), a knitted shawl type small wrap covering thing (found at Macy's), my new pair of Lucky Brand Jeans (from TJMax), my heels from DSW (which are called nicole), two sparkly bracelets that just so happen to be antique bracelets that I believe belonged to my Mom's Grandmother, and then last but not least a sterling silver ring with tiny emeralds.


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