Saturday, January 21


So my friend Qui did an awesome post the other day, and I couldn't resist sharing with all of you.
Here it is:


Don't Blame the Boys

I saw this post on Tumblr this morning and decided to make a few corrections. 

"seriously what the heck happened? i wish i lived in the olden days when wearing layers on top of layers & boys still calling girls beautiful, these days you practically have to dress naked to get boys attention and if they call you beautiful they only want something from you."
I disagree on the fact that you have to be practically naked to get guys attention. If the guys that you are trying to attract will only look at you if you’re half naked, then you need to sit down and sort out your priorities. 

I know many many many great guys who would walk past those girls on the right and be repulsed. Obviously (because they’re guys) it would be hard not to stare, but they can’t help it. That’s like dangling candy in front of a two year old and telling them they can’t have it. Lets not blame the guys here, ladies.
We, as girls, have been trained to think that the girls on the right are “hot.” They’re apparently what we aspire to be like now.
So please tell me, when did dressing up like prostitutes become the okay thing to do. Why do we think that that’s the only way to get a guy to like you?
I’ll tell you a story: the guy I’m dating has never seen me in really revealing clothes. I dress modestly. I don’t wear short shorts, I don’t wear super super low cut tops, I never wear skin tight skirts or band-aid dresses. And yet he thinks I’m beautiful. He tells me that all the time. And he’s not just using me for sex, because we’re both pledged not to have sex before marriage.  
How do you get a guy to like you then? Be. yourself. Don't change a thing. What we fail to remember is that God has a guy especially picked for you. And he will like you no matter what. If you have to change the way you look to get a guy to like you, he's not right for you. 
After saying that, changing yourself for the better is not a bad thing and that is acceptable. For example, if a guy won't like you because you are spiteful to other people, change that! But if he won't like you because you have some quirks, don't even bother with him. 
So, as far as dressing like prostitutes goes, it's not the guys who have a problem. It’s us. So we need to get the scissors…and cut it out. 


  1. I read this on her blog! So true :)



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