Friday, February 17

Fun Weekend

Hey Peeps!
I'll be gone today till tomorrow night. I have a 4-H competition to attend. It is a Consumer Decision Making (CDM) competition. It's supposed to be massive and I think the whole competition lasts 4 hours! Basically, CDM is this: You are give a senerio and have to find the best product for that senerio. For example, lets say the consumer is looking for a watch. This consumer would like it to be both formal/casual wear. Have a date and is analog rather than digital. Preferably black. Then you are give 4 watches that you have to compare in order. 1-4. One being the best with all the things the consumer is looking for. 4 just because it may have been out of the price range or didn't fit her standards. So the products are called classes. So there are 6 out of 11 classes that I'll have to place in the competition. 2 of the classes I'll have to give reasons to judges.
I'll see if I can get any good pictures. Talk to you in a few days peeps! :)

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