Tuesday, February 28

Headaces suck!

Even though I'm not allergic to anything, I still get seasonal allergies. Frankly, it sucks. Its rare that I get headaches, and this past allergy (flash, attack, infection) can't think of the proper word has caused a headache that I've had since Friday. I think it will be gone tomorrow morning, but I've never experienced that before. Now what would I be like if I had a migraine??? LET'S NOT EVEN GO THERE!!!!  So here's what happens to me when I have a headache.
I don't remember things you told me 5mins ago.
I don't smile.
I'm in some kind of zone where I'm not thinking, yet I am... (very weird if you ask me) 
Last but not least, I'm most likely trying to focus on not sleeping since my head hurts.
Headaces were my complaint for the day.



P.S. I have a Biology quiz in the morning. PLEASE pray or keep me in your thoughts. Thanks so much! 

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