Friday, February 10

Readers Help! :)

Hey Peeps!
Got a few things I would like your help with.

Number one being:
I'll be doing a guest post on Dezzy's blog (adorkable) on the 24th.
Now, I'd like to know what you all would like to see in this post. I'm thinking along the lines of a vlog about beauty/fashion, but have something inspiring around it. I just need some suggestions to get my mind rolling.

Number two being:
What do you all think of a fashion/beauty/photography/video challenge?

For Fashion: You all will have to create an outfit (I'll have a theme) and then email me a photo. I'll do a poll of who had the best themed outfit along with a post of the outfits. I have to thank Stephie for giving me this idea. So that was the fashion part of it

For Beauty: It would be like the fashion, but makeup and hair and nail designs surrounding whatever the theme is.

For photography: Same as above only it can be a photo of anything (except inappropriate photos).

For video: Well I was thinking you could make a video about whatever I make a theme of. So it could be a skit of your favorite movie. A voice imitation. Ect.

Let me know what you peeps think! I'll post a poll.



  1. Hey Selina, what do you think of the NEW design :)

    1. I'm liking it! I love the welcome button. What program do you use for all of your designs?

  2. I use paint, picnik, and....well that's it :)


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