Sunday, February 5

Super-Bowl...Part 1

Who's watching the Super Bowl today? I am with my family. Ok, honestly, I don't care about football... But I find it funny to watch the people around me cheer, dance, and laugh. I love to pig out and chat with my friends and ask them what they are doing and who they are cheering on this year. This is pathetic, but I'm not even sure who's playing tonight... O.o.... yea, yeah, laugh it up fellow bloggers! I do think the Giants are one of the teams... can't remember who there other one is... See! I'm not very much of a football fan. The main thing I enjoy during the super bowl, other than the food, are the commercials.

So this was part one of my post. I'll post pictures and whatnot during or after the game!

What do you all think of superbowl?

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  1. I hope you've figure it out by now, but it's NY giants and New Eng Patriots, or Eli Manning Vs Tom Brady ;)


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