Monday, March 12

Animes (for someone special. (:)

Who LOVES Animes??? I Do!!!!! I Do!!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Now, I know there's some people (that follow me) that hate the idea of animes, so please if you could ignore this post.
Now recently, I've had more time to watch them. The ones I've been watching are hysterical and stupid. They're good for laughs. They have funny plots. It's entertainment.
Are there any that I hate? Yeah, the ones that leave you hanging! It's like are you seriously not going to finish the anime!!!??? But I just found out that sometime the show is over but the mangas (books) are not. Also, animes are released in Japan/China first and sometimes may even take a few years to air here. So why do I love animes so much? I really have no clue. I guess the main reason would be for the creativity and the hard work people put into their artwork.

Here's a few animes I like. (may end up being the whole list... O.o)

My all time faves are Hayo Myasaki's films.

I Love the one manly for teen+

Howl's Moving Castle

This movie was based off the book.

Spirited Away

Nassucca Valley of the Wind

Princess Monoke

Castle in the Sky

And these are the recent animes I've watched and laughed at.

Fruit Basket

Ouran High School Host Club


Boys Over Flowers

I don't think there really is a great trailer for the anime version...

Kaze no Stigma

So I have a lot more animes I've watched but these are the ones that pop up first in my mind.

I have seen a few eps of bleach, now and then here and there, soul eaters, one piece, dragon ball Z, Inuyasha, and a whole lot more.

Hope you enjoyed this post! :) ( I know there's one person jumping up and down in her seat staring at this eeeeepppping and having a fangirl moment... *did it for you* :D)

Have a good Evening.

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