Tuesday, April 10


Yup! Why Haven't I posted in ages? Well its spring. I'm busy. School is harder. More things I'm involved in...

What have I been busy with?
First off my bio classes now have back to back tests so I now have to study harder each week just because I want to pass this class.
Math. need I say more?
4-H. Yeah...4-H is crazy in the spring/summer. We have a ton of competitions to get ready for this time of the year.
And the most major one. DRIVERS ED...
GUESS WHAT?......................

I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have to finish school, then head off to 4-H.... see! I really am busy!

Peace out peeps!


P.S. what did everyone do for Easter? I'm sorry I didn't post that day. 

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