Friday, May 4

I was bored...

     [  Available:
No. Not really. Not looking for a realationship. But I’m available to email. J
     [  Birthday:
     [  Crushing on:
Just fictional characters… *fan girl sigh*
     [  Drink you last had:
     [  Easiest person to talk to:
My sisters.
     [  Favorite song:
at the moment I have “Somebody I used to know” stuck in my head…
     [  Grossest memory:
Right now that would be dissections…. Blech. The stench makes me want to puke.
     [  Hometown:
Sorry, but this is classified info.
     [  In love with:
Zuko, Sesshomaru, Merlin, and kinda Mako.
     [  Jealous of:
People that are traveling the world right now.
     [  Killed someone:
Yeah! Have about 27 bodies in my backyard and know about 71 isolate places to kill a person. Hahahahaha! Just kidding. I just watch a ton of mystery shows.
J :P
     [  Longest friendship:
     [  Milkshake flavour:
Vanilla or Choc or both… can’t decide!!!
     [  Number of siblings:
2. But then add the extras and I have around 8 siblings. Lolz!
     [  One wish:
To travel by the age 20.
     [  Person who you last called:
I last called??? Who calls anymore??? Umm… making a wild guess either my mom… or a oh it was a 4-H friend.
     [  Question your asked the most:
Where do you go to college? PEOPLE!!! I ‘m not in college yet…
     [  Reason to smile:
To show you’re happy or can tolerate the person you’re with. LOL!
     [  Song you last sang:
All my tears
     [  Time you wake up:
     [  Underwear color:
??? O.o o.O…. classified info.
     [  Violent moment:
Watchiing action movies? Oh I know! Arm Wrestling! No… prob punching my bros.
     [  Worst habit:
eeehhhhh….prob judging people too much…
     [  X-ray you had:
It was for my bicep tendonitis
     [  Your last time you cried:
last week.
     [  Zodiac sign:
Well you know my birthday. So? Go find it. J

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