Wednesday, May 23

I'm back

I'm back peeps! Yay!
So I finally figured out how to make backgrounds in adobe. I had a few settings off which was why my designs looked wrong. Monica and D know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I don't know html coding very well so I usually just copy that down.
So my blog needs a summery look to it. Hmm... I'll have to talk to Stephie to see if she's free. :)
I have a ton of things to catch you guys up on. But right now I'm tired so I will do a few updates here and there. Also, I'll be sure to post pictures here and there and post some challenge for fashion, makeup, and photography.

Much love peeps!


  1. Consider it done girly! I'll have it up soon :)

  2. Whoa! Hahaha! I was just getting ready to email you. :) Thanks Girly! :D anything I can do for you?


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