Wednesday, June 6

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Who play's video games? I do...err.... well sometimes. My favorite games to play are Harvest Moon, Nancy Drew, Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy, and I like to watch my brother play Zelda.
He bought the newest one a few months ago, which is Skyward Sword. This one is for the wii, but I don't know if its for anything else. Anyways its pretty awesome! He hasn't finished it yet, but he's passed all the 4 basic temples. Now, if you're a Zelda fan, you understand what I mean by basic. There's the Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire temples. Those are usually the ones you have to complete first, then you have to go save Zelda since after those temples is when she most likely will get kidnapped.

What video/pc games do you play? Do you like to play or do you just do it to pass time?


  1. ah! tell me how the game looks, I want to get that one ;D I have Twilight Princess (you probably knew that....;D) and it's really good, and everyone says skyward sword is awesome :)
    WAH I like Final Fantasy too :D:D

  2. Oh my goodness i love Zelda! We have the Orcarina of time :) We used to have the first one ever, but then our gaming system broke :(

  3. Lily~ I loved that one! It was soo much fun to play. :) Are you gonna buy a new one?
    Monica~ Yes! You should so get the game! The graphics are soooooooo pretty!!!! YES! I LOVE FINAL FANTASY. The 12th one was super hard! I never did get to finish it, but those god warriors that appear are soooooooo awesome!



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