Sunday, September 2

Random Fashion Pics

So I was looking through FB adds ads and one of them led me to a really cool site that had all these fashion photos. I couldn't resist sharing them with you!
How could anyone resist a cute bag? 
This is a fantasticly amazing dress! I love how its so simple yet somewhat elegant at the same time! It's kind of got a romanness edge to it as well. I would love to find a dress like this! Hmm....maybe I could wear something like this to my work dinner in November...  
This an adorable outfit! I'm loving these skirts with the leather belts. I'm seeing more and more of them now. I usually don't like skirts but the ones with the belts are very cute and I might just have to get one sometime soon! 
I think my fave outfit is the the far right one. But they are all very cute and have a vintage feel to them. These, I  think, would be great to wear to a photoshoot! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did! I'll do a beauty one soon! 


P.S. My resource was this site:

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