Friday, September 28

What's up?

Hey Peeps!

What has everyone been up to? Is anyone excited for Halloween? I am!
October is going to be a lil bit a crazy month. I get to visit my Grandparents in October. My Mom's and Grandma's birthdays are in October. My sis Ava's b-day is in October. What else? There's a bunch of 4-H stuff in October going on. I might go to a public highschool football game in October with Ava. (Our towns are competing against each other. :P) I started doing karate... ( I was forced into it... -.-) My church moved locations and we have more room. I get to see a bunch of bands come preform there in celebration for our new opening. :D What else? OOOHHHH!!! I got featured in my local science museum membership magazine!!! :) Twas fun seeing myself in there. I haven't spent much time on photography... :'( *tears* But i have been gathering some beauty pics! *smiles* :D

Welp, I gotta go fin homework.

Much Love,


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