Tuesday, October 16

Guest Post by Chibiko! :D

Konnichiwa minna~!!!! > x < (Hello everyone~!!!) You guys are probably are like, "Who the heck is this person?" so maybe I should introduce myself!

Firstly, my name is Chibiko and I love manga and anime. I'm female (that would be nice to know :) and from Canada (eh~!). I know how to speak French, English, a bit of Filipino (I'm Filipino!), Japanese and Korean (I try..). My current favorite Korean boy band is Teen Top. Here, try listening to one of their songs (or the full album..)! If you don't understand, just try it! Hopefully I'll get you hooked on their sexy voices, energy and awesome lyrics.

Be Ma Girl (Summer Special)- Full Album by Teen Top

You know what's funny? I'm grounded from the computer but I have an hour lunch at school so I just rushed to the library and started to blog. Anyways, Chocolate is my favorite candy in the world. I'm just one of those normal highschool teenager's who likes to blog. I think I have started blogging a year and a half ago? I don't remember. I met Selena through my blog (http://chocochan-chibiko.blogspot.ca/). Me and her have quite a bit in common so we started emailing and such and I was extremely happy when she asked me to do a guest post! This is seriously my first time doing this so............I'm sorry if it sucks! Haha!

I have no idea what to say............Selena has asked another fellow blogger to do a guest post too and she blogged about an excellent topic. I have no idea!! I could talk about manga but seriously, I can talk and talk about it! That would explain why I blog but anyways.......I have tons I've been reading and anime that I'm watching! *Looks at the time* OH NO!!..........I think I have to get to class. Today, we have three hours of each class and I have Math right now. I'm going to die! I'm sorry! I just basically talked about myself..........I feel really bad. I'll hopefully talk about something productive next time. I'll see you guys later! You'll see more of me this week! Look forward to it!


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