Monday, October 15

Guest Post by Monica (warning: anime overload)

Monica here from Define Normal :)

Selina asked me to guest post, so I am :D
At first I wasn't really sure what to post, but then I remembered how obsessed the both of us are with anime, so I'm doing a short anime post.

Lately I started watching a bunch of new anime series.

1. Hanasakeru Seishounen

Selina actually told me about this one.
...I REGRET NOTHING it's so awesome it's omg asdfghjkl <3
I finished that one a while back (haha like 3 weeks. that's totally a while. hah. hah.)
It really should have been longer... D: I loved it soooo much
at least it's not like i CAN'T watch it again :)
The first episode was a bit confusing, but that's mainly the only problem I had with the series. It's a whole lot of fun to watch, not to guys...heh... :) And IT MADE ME CRY SO MUCH. There are so many moments that just give me that feeling of UWAH *twitch twitch*. :D pluussssss it's one of the few anime I've seen that are pretty much completely clean :) Well besides war/blood parts. But I meant language and other stuff. There isn't a lot, if any, of that "bad stuff" :)
Yay for good anime :D:D:D

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

This is one of those anime series I've been meaning to start for a while now.
and soooo
i did
once again
I'm currently farther ahead in the manga than in the anime BUT ITS SOOOOOO GOOD
alchemy for the win :D
if you like "action" anime ..and blood.. then THIS is a great anime :P

3. Hetalia
I'm not even sure how to categorize this one.
It's like a combination
of history
funny random stuff
and stupidity
It's awesome. nuff said.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand lastly

Let's fangirl over Sesshomaru :PPP


I'm done

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