Sunday, November 4

Time to redeem myself (Post by Chibiko :))

Alright! I finally have the time to show my true colors! I apologize about my lame first post...........I was at school and...........anyways, no time for posting anything long!

I finally figured out what I wanted to post about! (I hope Selena wouldn't mind...) Halloween has already passed but now I'm wondering what everyone dressed up as. My friends went pretty wild this year! My camera is being stupid and I only have one picture saved on my laptop so hope you guys enjoy the one picture! I'll get the rest on later when my camera chooses to cooperate. Also, I needed some ideas for a costume so I looked up on the internet and found some interesting and cool halloween costumes! I know for one thing, I'm definetly dressing up as Pikachu next year!!!

My best friend Meg (Left) and Rin (Right)! Meg dressed up as the Mad Hatter and Rin dressed up as a Cat! :D Pretty cool huh?

From the internet!

Costume idea for next year!!! :) I have a Pikachu hat!!

My friend wanted me to just put a white sheet and cut holes out so I could be a ghost. I could definetly see myself doing it but didn't have the courage to do it.

I love the last one............that ones a cosplay! Ikuto.............I LOVE YOU!!! Anyways, I'll end this post with a manga recommendation! :) Enjoy!

Title: St. Lunatic High School, Yoru Nimo Makezu!, 夜ニモマケズ!
Author: Majiko! (Code Geass and Mikansei)
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shojo, Fantasy, Drama, Horror
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: ( Niko and her brother Atchan have fallen on hard times. They are way behind on their rent and barely have enough money to eat. Atchan gets a part-time job at the prestigious and exclusive St. Lunatic High School as a nightschool teacher that includes free housing. Niko is allowed to attend classes as well but she is shocked to discover that night classes are only attended by demon children. Being the only human in class, she is going to experience a lot of discrimination and hardship. There is one human looking demon among them named Ren-kun who might become not only her friend but also her romantic interest as well.

I was sooo happy when the public library had it!!!!!!! It's amazing!!! The art is awesome (guys are so hot!!!) and the storyline is a quick read but I still enjoyed it. I'm sad that this manga was published by Tokyopop..................Tokyopop decided to stop publishing after the Japan crisis. Sigh, so sad.

Anyways, this manga was quite interesting. I wish Majiko went in more depth with the romance but then again, this manga is more of a oneshot. The storyline had lots of energy and comedy. I found it refreshing to read this manga. You guys have to read it!!


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