Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Card for you! :)

Merry Christmas Peeps!

So...uh...I've never written a Christmas card/post before so please stick with me. :)

Wow! I really can't believe that the year is almost over, and we're supposed to die tomorrow. (JK!) But really, I'm having a hard time processing that in less than two weeks we'll be writing 2013. So this past year I was a Junior in HomeHighSchool. I took 3 online classes and one tutored class and my Mom was in charge of literature.I was the President of my 4-H club this year and till June of 2013. I've been doing Photography, CDM, and L4L as my projects. Over the Summer, I got my very first job as a TA. I had a total blast working there. (although 8-9 year olds drove me nuts! but I really do LOVE children.) I had a new haircut which I loved! :) (what do you think about me getting a pixie cut?) In October, I went to my Mom's hometown with my family. I got to see my cousins, grandparents, and aunts! It was a total blast! Unfortunately, we were delayed an extra day because of hurricane Sandy. But all went well besides that.I'm still editing those photos, but they will be posted soon. :) Most of this year was preparing for the SAT. I took that about three weeks ago. My score was below average, but hey! It was my first time to take it, and I still have time to be more serious about it as well as the ACT.  I can't believe that next year I'll be a Senior! I feel like I haven't been a teen for 4 years! It's crazy how time just flies by. Pretty soon I'll be talking about how I've finally finished up school in College going...WHAT HAPPENED TO THE YEARS!!!!???

Hahahaha! Oh! Yeah, I took karate this year. Total different ball game than ballet. Lolz. Luckily I had a year of kickboxing so that helped. I actually have my first belt testing on Saturday. So I'm now a yellow belt. :) Last Thursday we were messing around with the Bo...yeah that was interesting. Either I had the wrong hand position  or I was worrying about not hitting other peeps. Hahahaha! What else? Oh! I learned how to drive! I have my license test in January. I think it was a pretty tame year.Well those were really the highlights of my year. What about you? Will you write a Christmas Card Post? 

Have a great Christmas Day! :) I'll post a "What I got" Vlog soon. :) 

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