Wednesday, December 12

Thank You Guest Posters

I'm baaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk! :D

Peeps! Today is 12/12/12!!!! Whoa! I won't be alive when this happens again!

Anyways, I wanted to give out a HUGE THANK YOU to my guest posters.

Monica: Thank you for all the anime posts and recommendations  A few of them I'll have to look into and probably obsess over them and cute guys. :P We'll always be anime siblings and have nosebleeds over characters. :D (

Chibiko: Chika! We already agreed that were twins. I absolutly adored the Halloween Costume post. If you become Pikachu next year, I so wanna see photos! ( P.S. I love your new header!

Amber: Ahhh Dear Sister! I couldn't have done better than the post you posted. P.S. He'll be in the new Star Trek. He'll make the best-est and cutest evil villain.  


I hope my followers enjoyed the posts as much as I did. If you did/didn't please leave a comment saying what you would like to see when I'm not posting or am posting. :)

So I have around 20+ posts in drafts at the moment, so be prepared to bombarded with CEB blogging posts.

Stay warm!

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  1. Oh, your totally welcome!!! >:o I love posting on your blog!! It's extremely fun! I'll probably just post random things again so look forward to it! Thanks alot!!! :)



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