Saturday, December 22

under the weather...


Hey Peeps!

So I've been sick for two days. It started with allergies then turned into a cold! I though allergy medicine was supposed to prevent colds!!! uhhhggg...! I thought I had caught it before it would turn worse. I guess the weather changing from hot to cold randomly doesn't help...but still!!! WHY!!!??? Can anyone explain why God allowed people to get sick? I know ya'll can't really answer that... That'll have to be a question when I get to meet him someday. :)

Have you ever had unanswered questions for God? If so, what are they? I'm really curious now! hahahaha!

Well writing this made me feel a teensy bit better.

Luv you peeps, and I'll post something worth while soon.

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  1. I can tell you, Selina! :)
    God originally created bacteria to be a good thing. (There is such thing as good bacteria, like in the oceans and even in our bodies...) But after The Fall, everything that was once intended to be good also became bad, so now we have bacteria and viruses that attack us. God never 'created' sickness; it's just a result of the initial sin. It will be gone with His second coming.
    Hope that helps! ;) I also hope you feel better soon. :( Sorry to hear that you're sick over the Christmas season. Rest up and get better!


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