Thursday, January 31

I couldn't resist!!!


So I've been wanting to get a pair of rainboots and a pair of cowgirl boots. I came across this tutorial for rainboots.

They are sooo cute!


My sweet blog friend Christy from Beach Brights made these darling Wellies, and was kind enough to think of us. Thanks for sharing Christy, I love them!!

Nothing would make me prouder than to tell you I have nothing better to do than embellish my rain boots but this would only be a half truth. The whole truth is that I have these really large calves and no boots in the world boots do not fit me. It's a terrible cross to bear.

So, in comes getting creative.  I found these rain boots at Walmart for ~$25, the grommets came from Hobby Lobby (buy more than you think you will need) and I had the ribbon. Any kind should work as well as a scarf, fabric strips etc. Be creative!

Step 1: Cut the boot as deep as you need it. Right down the center.

Step 2: Add the grommets per the instructions on the package. You might can buy more industrial grommets than the ones I bought. These little guys felt flimsy and were not the easiest to work with, hence the buy more than you think you will need.

Step 3: Thread your ribbon & tie a bow.

Step 4: Enjoy boots that fit over your calves & have personality!

Now, if I could just get some rain!

What do you think? Whenever I get rainboots, I'm so doing this to them. Except I'm going to look for a pair of blue or jade ones....hmmm but orange or red ones would be cute.... gaaaaahhhhh!!!! sooooo many colors!

Also, if you don't know already the 2013 fashion in style color is Emerald Green. Thought I'd let you know!

Have a good evening!


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