Friday, January 25

The flu...or was it?

Hey Peeps!

So I popped in and then I kinda just disappeared on you...Sorry! I was gonna do this great bargin post last week but on Thurs I had a small throat itch and that is usually never a good thing. So the next morning I was woken up by my dad saying he needed my help. Let me tell you what was wrong with this situation. First my dad is usually in the car on the way to work before the sun shines... So I went out to the kitchen I ended up having to feed the animals because my mom had to help my neighbor's pet sitter with two dogs. It was a really stressful Friday and on top of that I could barley speak because my throat was burning. But because I was so focused on the animals I didn't really pay attention to myself. So I went to work later. I got light headed and then a headace later. Next day seems fine but I'm coughing and I went to a photography workshop. (I'll tell you all about that later!) Sunday I went to work and I wasn't feeling so hot. Luckily my manager let me off 5mins early. Yay! My mom had been giving me homeopathic meds Sat-Sun. Monday I wake up and feel like crap. Headache, sore throat, cough, aching body, fevers on and off, tears (lots and lots of tears), and sleeping. So we thought it was the flu. Wake up at 2:15 am check temp 102.0. *cries and heads to mommy's bedroom* Trip over dog and land on my head but of course I have to bang my knee on the base. Mom asks how I feel I say I feel like puking but I'm not because my stomach is empty. I supposedly passed out in the bathroom.... don't remember that... lolz.... slept with my mom the rest of that morning. So yeah the next two days were spent on the couch with on and off fevers. I finally went to the Dr. and she said I wasn't flu positive but I had bronchitis! Which usually last 21 days....21days!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that's how my week was.... -.- At least I'm vertical now. :) My mom and dad are now in Paris. Pretty cool. Well I have to go meet my brother for dinner.

Talk to ya later!
Hopefully sooner than later. ;)

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