Thursday, February 7

Happy sweet 16

Happy sweet 16 Monica! Gosh! I think it's been two years or 3 that we've emailed blogged and became great friends! It's crazy! Our love for animes increase each year and our laughter over mangas and stupid chicken videos make my days! Dude! That stupid chicken has been bookmarked on my phone! I need to figure out how to download it. Hahahahahahahahaha!

I honestly have no clue what life would be like without you! Thanks for being such an awesome blogger, follower and of course an amazingly hilarious friend.
In honor of you 16th b-day, here are some pics. Just don't have a nosebleed...;)

is it bad this makes him look even better???

I hope you had an awesome day!

Luv ya chika!

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  1. DAWWWWWWW THANK YOUUUUU you're such a great friend LUV YA AW DIS WAS AWESOME :D *nosebleed* yiss :D

    thank youuuu :) you're awesome :D luv ya! :)


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