Wednesday, December 3

sometimes life just happens

Wow! It's been over a year since I last posted! Let's see if I can get ya'll caught up. 

Let's say the past year has been a journey.
 I'm in college now ( well currently at a community college to get my basics out of the way). 
I haven't really photographed much this past year. 
I've made some wonderful new friends. And we've all had  ton of adventures and fun in the past few months. 
My pixie cute has grown out and I did a rustic red ombre over the summer. I still currently have that going on in my hair. I've decided to grow out my hair as I've never had long hair.
I'm currently 19, as my birthday was last month. I have a nose piercing that's fun! It was my 19th bday gift. 

Still haven't had that first boyfriend yet since I'm focusing on school and friends. 

Finals are next week and I'm already stressing out about it. 

I've finally visited California, San Fransisco. That was my graduation trip and it was fun but tiring.

What else? 
If you have any questions you can always leave a comment asking me. :) 

Hope you are all well. I'm sorry I haven't been active over the past year and half. Imma try to get back into blogging because It was a fun stress reliever.

Much Love,


Friday, February 22

Pixie on the loose

I finally got my pixie cut!!!! I love it! I just have to learn how to style it... Lolz! :)


Saturday, January 5

I got dinner...

So I went to go get pizza all by myself! It was the first time I drove outside of my neighborhood!!! Whoopee!!!! :D 


Friday, August 24


The following program is produced by Selina_CEB . Please do not steal this video. Asking permission is always a good thing! No drugs were involved in this production. Just very hyper teen girls on a cookie/dr pepper rush. Our actresses were professional and created the dance on the spot. 

Please enjoy...

Hahahahaha! So Amber and I got to spend some time today and we decided to be wackos. We didn't realize till after the video that we looked like we were druggies or something. hahahahaha! So this was basically our random video of us goofing off. (which happens a lot!) We actually do have a better choreographed dance to this song, but decided we'd let everyone enjoy the funnier one. :D 

Hope you enjoyed the craziness! 

~Selina & Amber